Magnolia 6.2.27 known issues

pom.xml content editor version mismatch

High priority

Due to a malformed POM in dx-core 6.2.27, Magnolia refuses to start due to a mismatch with the content editor versions when upgrading any project overlaying dx-core.

This will be remedied in 6.2.28. For now, you can use the workaround found below.

Workaround instructions

In your project pom.xml file:

  1. Add the following to the <properties> section.

  2. Make sure then your project depends on that particular version in the <dependencies> section.

        <!-- Workaround for dx-core parent pom in 6.2.27 managing both 1.3.x and 2.1.x content-editor versions (webapp ends up with artifacts from both versions -->

H2 upgrades may require you to recreate the database

If you cannot start the instance after upgrading from version 1.4.x to 2.x, you must carry out the following procedure.

Jackrabbit creates one H2 database per workspace, plus one for content versions in the version folder. They all need to be backed up and recreated from H2 SQL scripts, as per the H2 Upgrade tutorial, without specifying the -user parameter.

Example JDBC URLs are listed below:

  • jdbc:h2:~/<magnolia.home>/repositories/magnolia/workspaces/website/db

  • jdbc:h2:~/<magnolia.home>/repositories/magnolia/workspaces/dam/db

  • jdbc:h2:~/<magnolia.home>/repositories/magnolia/version/db

For each of these databases:

  1. Export your database into an SQL script using version 1.4.200 (or the earlier version you were using).

  2. Create a new database using version 2.1.214.

  3. Run the SQL script to restore the database, using the file created with version 1.4.200 (or the earlier version that applies in your case).

H2 Migration script

A migration script for exporting and restoring your databases is given below.
# h2-1.4.200.jar and h2-2.1.214.jar files must be present in the current working directory.
# They can be found respectively in 6.2.26 and 6.2.27 Magnolia webapps

path=/path/to/webapps/magnoliaAuthor/repositories/magnolia #repeat on public

for filepath in $(find $path -name '*.mv.db'); do
    parentdir="$(dirname "$filepath")"

    # Export data from old db file to
    echo "Exporting database $parentdir/db..."
    java -cp h2-1.4.200.jar -url jdbc:h2:$parentdir/db -script $parentdir/ -options compression zip
    rm -f $parentdir/

# Import data from the to the new db file
    echo "Importing data..."
    java -cp h2-2.1.214.jar -url jdbc:h2:$parentdir/db -script $parentdir/ -options compression zip variable_binary
    rm -f $parentdir/
    echo "$parentdir/db migrated succesfully"

If you are experiencing index-related errors while upgrading H2 databases, try running the script below to remove indexes before using the migration script.

if [ -d "$parentdir/index" ]
rm -r $parentdir/index
echo "Directory $parentdir/index removed"
echo "Error: Directory $parentdir/index does not exists."  #NO index directory in magnolia/version folder. This is not a problem just adding this echo

See also:

  • H2 Tutorial: Database Upgrade

    The recommended way to upgrade from one version of the database engine to the next version is to create a backup of the database (in the form of a SQL script) using the old engine, and then execute the SQL script using the new engine.
  • MAGNOLIA-8638 Getting h2 error while upgrading 6.2.10 to latest version

analyticsView type malfunctioning

In Magnolia 6.2.27, the $type: analyticsView isn’t being recognized and is causing affected apps to fail on startup. You can see this by inspecting the logs.


While we work on fixing this for you, you can replace $type with class as shown below to ensure affected apps function as expected.

class: (1)
1 Where $type:analyticsView is, copy and paste this class: in its place.
This issue only impacts Magnolia 6.2.27.

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