Resource Files app

The Resource Files app displays resources such as CSS files, JavaScript files, template scripts and YAML configuration files. You can use the app to edit resources in the JCR resources workspace and do hotfixes.

Resource Files app

Filtering options

You can refine the list of resources shown by setting one or more of the following column filters:

  • Name

  • Overrides? (Does the resource override another resource? See also Overriding resources.)

  • Origin

    • All (= Any origin.)

    • jcr

    • filesystem

    • classpath-legacy (The legacy pre-5.4 classpath mgnl-resources.)

    • classpath

  • Type. Resource type according to a MIME type, for example text/x-java-properties for i18n message bundles or text/x-yaml for YAML definitions. For a full list of MIME types, see for example the All known MIME types (DigiPres Commons) page.

  • Status

    • All (= Any status.)

    • Not activated

    • Modified

    • Activated



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