Sync Instance app

The Sync Instance tool allows you to manually synchronize content between an author instance and a single public instance. The operation is performed asynchronously. For more information, see the Manual synchronization in the Synchronization module documentation.

Sync Instance


The Sync Instance app is installed by the Synchronization module. Access to the app is restricted to the superuser role in the app configuration and app launcher layout. The app is configured in /modules/synchronization/apps/synchronization.

Configuration of the Sync Instance app


When defined, notifications are sent to users whenever synchronization fails.

To configure a group to send these notifications:

  1. Go to the modules/synchronization-app/config folder.

  2. Create a user group called notificationGroups.

  3. Inside that group, add a list of string properties.

    📁 synchronization-app

         📁 config

             ⸬ notificationGroups

                 ⬩ editors


                 ⬩ publishers


    Each property represents a separate group of users.


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