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When you log into Magnolia, the App Launcher is the first view. Depending on the roles configured for you by your administrator, it contains different sections and apps.

Besides roles defining which apps you see in the App Launcher, administrators can also change the App Launcher layout definition. This can involve changing the grouping arrangement, adding customized groups for your needs, and so on. Likewise, the App Launcher look and feel depends on the version of Magnolia installed in your environment.

App Launcher over the years

Action bar

The Action bar lets you perform app-specific actions, which are categorized into sections and groups.

For more details, see Action bar definition.

Action bar in the Contacts app

Action bar structure

The structure of the action bar differs from app to app.

Here’s an example of the action bar in the Contacts app.

  • No contact selected

  • Contact selected

  • Contact deleted

With no contact selected.

Action bar without any action selected

When a contact is selected.

Action bar when a contact is selected

After a contact is deleted.

Action bar after a contact is deleted


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