Release notes for Magnolia CMS 6.2.37

LTS release • Delivered on July 26, 2023 • Page updated on July 27, 2023 • Changelog: 22256

Magnolia CMS 6.2.37 is primarily a bug-fixing and security release. However, we made several improvements that should be noted as well. We keep the details of security fixes private in line with our security policy. Contact our Support team if you need more information.


Live Copy

  • Live Copy version 3.2.11 was released on July 3, 2023. The changes on the child pages are now properly reflected when pushed from the master page.


  • MAGNOLIA-8941 Upgrade the encryption padding to OAEP

  • MAGNOLIA-8987 Safer serialization in BaseVersionManager

  • MGNLPER-165 Search queries are not executed concurrently

  • PAGES-330 When only one component is available, the select field is disabled

Bug fixes

  • ADMINCTR-408 Close action should work the same way as X-ing out

  • CONTEDIT-554 Continuously getting error in the log when creating new content items with tag

  • MAGNOLIA-8889 MultipartRequestFilter#fileCountMax restricts not only files but any parameters

  • MAGNOLIA-8958 Guice method interceptions fail with "Unsupported class file major version 61" on JRE 17

  • MGNLDAM-1115 Uploading content through damLinkField ignores rootPath

  • MGNLUI-6505 Non-selected values are kept in a switchable field

  • MGNLUI-8144 Cannot download assets having special characters in the name

  • MGNLUI-8155 "This field is required” message persists on pageLinkField

  • PAGES-1123 Page template without dialog throws an exception

  • TASKS-46 Task App needs active refresh to show tasks


Third-party library updates

  • com.github.usefulness:webp-imageio to version 0.3.1

  • jbpmVersion to version 7.74.0.Final

  • commons-codec:commons-codec to version 1.16.0

  • com.github.usefulness:webp-imageio to version 0.4.1

  • to version 32.1.1-jre

  • to version 2.20.97

  • net.bytebuddy:byte-buddy to version 1.14.5

  • bouncycastleVersion to version 1.75

  • groovy monorepo to version 3.0.18

  • swaggerCoreVersion to version 2.2.14

  • swaggerParserVersion to version 2.1.16

  • restEasyVersion to version 5.0.7.Final

Updated modules

  • Admincentral 6.2.32

  • Admincentral legacy 6.2.21

  • Blossom 3.6.3

  • Community Edition 6.2.37

  • Content Editor 2.1.6

  • DAM 3.0.25

  • DX Core 6.2.37

  • Form 2.7.8

  • License 1.7.5

  • Magnolia 6.2.37

  • Pages 6.2.29

  • Periscope 1.2.9

  • Resources 3.0.9

  • REST Framework 2.2.21

  • Solr Search Provider 6.1.6

  • Tasks 6.2.25

  • Third-party library BOM 6.2.37

  • UI 6.2.37

  • Magnolia Vaadin Compatibility Addons 1.3.14


The Magnolia team would also like to thank everyone who reported issues, contributed patches or simply commented on issues for this release. Your continued interest helps us make Magnolia better.

Thanks a mill!

Special thanks go out to Arnd Krueger.


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